Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy - Standard services

  • Wage and salary account (up to the remittance slip (pay slip) or paperless data transmission (tax assessment transfer))
  • Financial accounting (from slip (document, voucher) to the economic evaluation)
    • Bookkeeping
    • Open item bookkeeping
    • Cost accounting
    • Payroll
  • Annual closing of accounts under utilization of fiscal and financial options
  • Tax return for companies of each legal form, partner, sole proprietor, self-employed person and private person (corporation tax, trade tax, value-added tax, income tax return)
  • Inheritance tax
  • Gift tax
  • Examination of notice of assessment
  • Appeal
  • Action in fiscal court jurisdiction
  • Cooperation of fiscal audit
  • Tax form of articles of association (KG) and partnership agreement (Personengesellschaft)
  • Tax planning and tax compare
  • Comparison of burden of taxation
  • Choice of legal form from fiscal view
  • Concept of business start-up
  • Consultancy about fiscal effects of planned decisions

We can advise you about

  • Foreign, international companies with subsidiaries or branch offices in Germany
  • Business start-up
  • Self-employment Individual proprietor, registered and unregistered businessman
  • Partnership
    • Partnership under the German civil code (GbR)
    • General partnership (OHG)
    • Limited Partnership (KG)
    • Limited Company and (GmbH & Co.KG)
  • Company limited by shares (corporation)
    • Limited Company (GmbH)
    • Public limited company (AG)
    • Associations
    • Foundations

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